The ALKAT-DAMANAKIS manufacturer company of aluminium frames, after the installation of frames in full operation at the residence located in, property of and upon receipt and repayment of the constructions by the owner, provides the following warranty on frames and work:

  1. 10 year guarantee on the quality of materials, construction, quality of the aluminum profiles and color*
  2. 10 year guarantee for the proper operation of the mechanisms and all frame accessories
  3. 10 year guarantee for the proper operation and impermeability (air - water) of the frames
  4. 5 year guarantee on double glazing
  5. 5 year guarantee for the proper operation of the rolls, 5 year guarantee on the motors of the rolls and 2 year guarantee on anti-mosquito meshes

The company, having secured the technical support throughout its networks, takesthe responsibility for the service of its constructions.

The company also undertakes the cost of the parts of the service, in the event that the replacement is not the customer’s fault and of course such costs are included in the warranty.

In all cases, the cost of works included is undertaken by the customer.

Customer’s Obligations

  • If the frames are up to 1500m from the sea, it is necessary to clean the frames every 45 days, due to the phenomenon of salt spray.
  • Furthermore, the customer shall be responsible for the general service of the frames every 3 years, so as to preserve proper functioning.
  • As to the durability of the wood imitation paints, it is excluded from the guarantee and the reason is that there is no guarantee by any company in paint production.