Security Ventilation Rolling Shutters



When intense climatic conditions require special thermal insulation properties, the D 80 PLUS series is able to keep your space ideally warm in the winter and cool in the summer, by employing the avant-garde method of thermal break, isolating the exterior from the exterior surface of the system.

Aluminum profile rolling shutters for heavy duty.

The unique structure of the intermediate perforated rod gives a double advantage: greater security against possible burglaries and comfort that cannot be achieved with any other system. The perforated rod renews the air in the environ­ment, adjusts the light or shade, while allowing vis­ibility. Offers great protection and also works as a mosquito screen.

The system does not allow outward extraction. The intermediate rod and join hooks block (4 points) on each rod, which is a Patented System. A rolling shutter with 30 rods blocks in 120 points. Guaranteed to withstand burglaries. The blocking is automatic, without the need of chains, padlocks or other secu­rity locks.


The perforated surface offers visibility while protecting our personal space.

The new system can be adjusted in order to increase the penetration of ambient light.

The new system can be adjusted in order to decrease the penetration of ambient light.

The new rolling shutters allow greater ventilation.

Mosquito Screen
The perforated structure prevents insects from entering the house.

The new system has been tested in simulations with crowbar burglary and rings with positive results. Guaranteed to withstand
a pressure of over 100kg.